Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Sense Social is designed to provide a safe environment for connecting like-minded people. It is obvious that not all views or opinions expressed on Sense Social will be compatible but these ideas will not be excised as long as they are compliant with the Community Guidelines. To protect users from unacceptable behaviour, Sense Social presents the following Community Guidelines.

Sense Social is a platform established to facilitate the:

  1. Creation of various kinds of activities 
  2. Sharing of ideas and interests 
  3. Posting of self-generated or lawfully obtained content

Sense Social must NOT be used to post or promote any content that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any terrorist or other criminal activity
  • The sale, purchase, trade or distribution of weapons and/or devices capable of causing physical injury
  • Explicit sexual content (e.g. pornography, escort or prostitution services)
  • The sale, use or ingestion of illegal drugs or substances
  • Content that is protected by copyright, trademark or trade secret law without explicit permission from the owner.

Sense Social will NOT tolerate in-person or online harassment of any kind, including but not limited to:

  • Stalking
  • Deliberate intimidation
  • Psychological abuse or bullying
  • Offensive verbal language
  • Physical or cyber threats
  • Sexually suggestive imagery or language
  • Unwanted sexual or physical attention
  • Unwarranted photography or recording
  • Willful disruption of talks or other events

Sense Social will review and respond appropriately to every allegation of infringement or violation of its Community Guidelines. Sense Social requires users to comply immediately with a request to stop infringing the Community Guidelines. Please note that while some content in itself does not violate the Community Guidelines, some users may find the material, nonetheless to be objectionable, offensive or provocative. Such cases will be carefully reviewed by Sense Social and its ruling should be accepted in a spirit that wishes to promote and to protect free speech and the diversity of opinion.

Behaviour that violates the Community Guidelines should be reported via the app or the website. Sense Social highly values any and all feedback from the community. 

Violations of Sense Social’s Community Guidelines

Should any content violates its Community Guidelines, Sense Social reserves the right to: 

  • Remove only the relevant content
  • Remove the entire listing
  • Take alternative and/or further action appropriate to the given circumstances

In the case where Sense Social has determined that a serious breach of the Community Guidelines has occurred, the user’s account may be suspended or permanently terminated. It should be noted that some content, while not in violation of the Community Guidelines, may nonetheless be inappropriate for the majority of Sense Social’s users, in which case, Sense Social reserves the right to make such content private or otherwise reduce its distribution. 

Should any content pose a serious threat of physical harm to individuals, groups or the general public, Sense Social, at its own discretion, will work with law enforcement agencies. Any user feeling threatened or endangered by content posted on the Sense Social platform should first contact the local law enforcement agency before reporting the matter directly to Sense Social via the app or website.