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Sense Social is a global online social platform, where people come together to share their interests. Make creative hubs and attract like-minded people to your free or paid online workshops. Spread your passion! 

Organise 1-on-1 sessions

Find individuals interested in exploring your craft so as to learn from your style and your experience

Increase brand awareness

Share workshops with friends & followers, attract like-minded people and increase your social engagement

Early Adopter Programme

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Spread your word

When creating an activity, be sure to use #hashtags, a good image and title to optimise your event for search. Make it stand out!!


Attract and engage users that share your interests. Create conversation and organise private 1-on-1 workshop sessions.


Connect with your fan base who will be notified about all your new activities and workshop promotions

free featured listing

Receive 6 months free featured listings when you sign up for our Early Adopter Programme

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" If there's a way to monetise my craft, then show me where to sign up. "
Tammy Rivers
content creator

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The future of social community

Sense Social helps local social mobile users find your activities. It encourages connections to one another, to local community and to society as a whole. 

Join us on this journey and reap some of the many benefits available to early adopters.