How to live more Adventurously

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Sometimes things in life get a little stale and from time to time we find ourselves in a rut. The day to day tedium can become a real issue and finding time for ourselves is all too difficult. Boredom and monotony can weigh us down and make our lives feel small and fixed. The good news? There is a cure for this curse and it’s called adventure. We are powerful beings with more inside of us than even we are capable of understanding and it’s through adventure that we can unlock that potential and transform our lives for the better.

Webster’s dictionary definition of adventure is: an exciting or remarkable experience. So how can we open our lives up to having more of these experiences? By that definition, it says nothing about it being a dangerous or particularly arduous challenge to overcome. You don’t have to set your goals on climbing a mountain or kayaking down the Amazon. By that definition, one can see that adventure is anything from picking up a new sport to learning a new language.

The first thing I’d recommend you do on your quest for adventure is to think of something that you’ve always wanted to do but never had a chance to get around to. Have you ever wanted to travel to a particular country or learn a new instrument? Have you ever fancied yourself a race car driver or loved the idea of baking a perfect cinnamon scroll? Whatever it is. Write it down. Visualise yourself doing it. Draw a picture of yourself jumping out of an aeroplane solo. If you can see it in your mind’s eye you are well on the way to take on this new adventure for real.

Everyone will try to tell you why you can’t do it. Don’t listen to them. Whether it’s your aunt Beth reminding you of your knee injury when you were four or your best mate Kevin telling you you’re not cut out for it. Ignore them. You have no idea what you are capable of and your friends and family have even less. I promise you that you are more brilliant and capable than you can possibly imagine. Push away the naysayers and embrace the unknown. Embrace your potential. It will all be ok.

You can make small changes to your everyday life that will increase the chances of experiencing new things. You can take a moment to think to yourself ‘What can I do to make each day a little bit more of an adventure’? Why not take a different route home from work or school? Try having a conversation with a stranger or just take more time to look at the world around you. You’ll be amazed at how much more life has to offer you.

Combat your fear. I think we all have had times in our lives when we came up against obstacles that seemed to us terribly scary and intimidating and yet through combating those obstacles multiple times those obstacles have become nice and ordinary. This is how the human brain works. If you can take on your fear even in a small way you grow stronger from the attempt. Part of what makes an adventure an adventure is that you come out the other end of it stronger than you were when you went in. So aim to combat your fears and your life will be full of adventure!

Set big goals. The bigger the goals you set the bigger the adventure. Why not pick something huge. Why not set a goal so large you couldn’t possibly see yourself doing it but the thought of accomplishing it excites and inspires you. With a big goal in place, you can work to accomplish it little bit by little bit. If every day you just did a little something to work toward your big goals you would soon find yourself well on the way to accomplishing them.

I hope you found this article useful and inspiring. If you are looking for exciting new adventures to go on you should check out the Sense Social app. There we have hundreds of new adventures just waiting for you to get involved.

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