Motivators: Understanding What Drives Us

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We dream of things that are just outside of our reach. Part of what makes us human is wanting to traverse the undiscovered country. But what is it that drives us to strive for our dreams? Why do we long for things that are just outside of our reach and what can we do to help us get those things? Knowing about how we are motivated can be an invaluable tool to help us to get to where we want to go in life. 

The Entrepreneur Jim Rohn was a businessman and author who wrote many popular books about how you build habits that will help you to succeed in life. He outlined that four main motivational factors drive us to do what we do; Those are recognition from peers, recognition from experts and mentors, doing something for our families and helping to serve humanity. Ultimately his philosophy is grounded in the idea that having to do something is a lot more powerful motivator than wanting to do something. 

Recognition from peers 

One way we can find to motivate ourselves is by seeking recognition and acceptance from our peers. It’s often said that what makes a great soldier is not their desire for honours and accolades but for their desire to impress the soldiers by their side. Thinking about impressing your friends is a great motivator for you to work harder and grow your skills. 

This is why it’s important to try and build a supportive friendship group around you. You want to surround yourself with people who are going to celebrate your accomplishments and be there for you when you don’t succeed. Your want to impress them and show you’re making progress towards your goals can be such a positive force in your life and the lives of your friends so making them support you and understand you are crucial to developing a happy life. 

Recognition from experts and mentors 

I’m going to ask you to think back to your school days. Think about which of the classes you really enjoyed and wanted to do well in. The chances are that the reason for this is that you had a teacher who inspired you. A teacher in many ways is both an expert and a mentor and if they are charismatic and make the task of learning simple and rewarding then you can be inspired to do great things in their class. The reason for this is because you are being motivated to get their recognition.

Because you trust this person and respect them you feel that getting recognition for your hard work and effort is a good thing. You want it to prove something in yourself. Likewise in your life and career having a mentor or an expert you wish to attain recognition from can be an excellent motivator. With their help and guidance, you’ll be more likely to produce the sort of work you’d like to produce and feel happily supported in the process. 

To do something for our family 

They want to build something that makes the lives of those we care the most about easier. To lessen the burden carried by loved ones. It’s an incredibly powerful and honourable motivator. We see ourselves as more than just individuals struggling for our piece of the pie but as a family. A lineage. Something that is bigger than ourselves and will outlive us to carry on our legacy. 

The best thing about this form of motivation is that we can see the satisfaction that it brings by our families’ reactions and lifestyles. Creating a world in which your partner and your children can feel free to explore their own interests without being tied down by financial concerns. The joy a new jumper, tv or holiday can bring to a loved one. It’s priceless and having that as your focus can be extremely powerful. 

To help and serve humanity.

What is the most positive impact your work could have on the world? Where can all your goodwill lead you? These are great questions to ask yourself when you need to motivate yourself. Realising that your actions can have massive implications that help many people in the world can drive you from a very pure and altruistic place. To think that your legacy can be a lasting impact on humanity can be enough to make you believe you can do anything.  


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