Why you Should Join a Book Club

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Joining a book club is a lot of fun. It’s a great way to connect to a community, learn and gain new perspectives, practice commitment and self-discipline as well as bettering your reading, writing and thinking abilities all of which can and will improve your life for the better.

Having a weekly or monthly book club to attend can be great for developing your social network. At a book club, you’ll get to meet and talk to people every week who have shared interests with you. It’s so easy to start conversations and meet new people when you have a book to discuss. 

You’ll be able to share your thoughts on the book and really be heard for your opinions which may even open discussions about deeper topics in life. This will give you a great opportunity to find methods of self-expression and new ways to formulate your ideas. You’ll have the opportunity to build new friendships with people you wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance to connect with. 

This regular commune of people will give you a true community of like-minded souls who want to hear what you have to say. This can lead to you finding a place of belonging for yourself which is such a gift particularly if you live in a big city. 

When you are reading a new book every week you are going to learn and absorb so many new ideas and new perspectives. With each new book you read, you will be taken into a new exciting world and then you’ll be able to discuss and share your experiences with others. You’ll see new ways of looking at humanity and your place in the world as well as getting to know how your perspectives are unique and valuable in a group context. 

Self-discipline and commitment are things that can be difficult for some people and if you want to get better at it you should definitely try joining a book club.  In a book club, you have to commit to reading a book over a certain period of time and form opinions about it. This is a great way to practice giving yourself enough time in the week to read. The satisfaction you will gain from accomplishing that task and then getting to discuss it with friends is absolutely priceless. 

How do we learn to think? How do we become better at articulating our thoughts and feelings so we can better communicate, better negotiate? It’s through reading and writing. The more widely you read the more articulate you will become and the more you write your opinions or reviews you will become better at distilling your thoughts into clear and easy to understand sentiments. This is a skill that you can develop by joining a book club and in this way, it will impact the way you interact in your broader life. 

Most importantly, however, a book club is a lot of fun. It’s a shared space where you get to have invigorating discussions with new people and build new friendships. What a great way to spend an afternoon or evening, 

If you’re interested in joining a book club then please check out what events we have posted on the Sense Social app. You may be able to find a club near you!


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